Thursday, 8 September 2016

Master LibGDX Game Development and Beyond Udemy Course Released Grab it at 94% off - 10$ only

Preview available on video below.

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This is only LibGDX Course that will teach you how to use Entity Component Systems to create games with LibGDX Java Game Framework.
This course is completely project based, and we are going to create fully featured games from scratch using different approaches and techniques that LibGDX offers.
We will start with simpler games so you will be comfortable if you never used LibGDX before. 
If there are any problems or issues that you encounter i will try to respond as fast as possible with as much details as i can, sometimes I may ask you to send me your code which will make it a lot easier to help you. That way you will benefit even more from this course.
We are going to start step by step, from drawing simple image to creating nicely structured and extensible game
With step by step approach you will be introduced to main libGDX concepts and you will learn enough details to understand how everything works. 
We will go through important LibGDX classes (Camera, Viewport, Batch...) step by step which should give you enough information on how to use those classes and how they work.
All project files will be included and you are free to use them for anything that you like, personal or commercial use. Through the course we will create utilities that will help us to debug games, all utilities can be used in personal and commercial use. The only limitation is that you cannot use assets or material from this course to create another course.
In this course whenever we learn something new, we are going to create simple example or experiment and after that we will apply that knowledge to game.
Lets take a look at the games and what are we going to learn inside of this course.
First we will make tool that has libGDX application embedded in itself which will help us to easily run and test simple experiments. Through experiments you will learn details needed to create your own game from scratch.
All the experiments will be in same project so you can always go back and check simple example to remind yourself and see how it works.
After creating tool we will make simple game called Obstacle Avoid. In this game goal is to survive as long as possible and avoid obstacles that fall from the sky. Besides of creating our game logic we are going to create menus and different screens that our game needs. 
You will learn how to manage assets in our game and benefits of using asset manager. When we complete our games with first approach we are going to learn how to use Entity Component Systems to recreate same games and compare what is different.
You will learn different approaches so in your future games you can start with any approach that is best for your game.
After learning all approaches you will be equipped with more than enough knowledge to continue improving yourself in the field of game development using LibGDX Java Game Framework. You will be able to create your own games and game prototypes from scratch.
If you ever had an idea for great game, then enroll in this course and learn all the tools and knowledge that you need to develop your next hit game.
Note: This course is mainly aimed for beginners, some of content could be also useful for advanced LibGDX users.
Over 20+ hours of content.
Enroll Now and you wont be disappointed!